5 Ways To Stream Free Movies And Shows To Your TV

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Streaming movies or shows online can be great. But sometimes it can be frustrating to figure out how to do it. This list will show you the common ways most people stream content online.

5. Using Your Computer

You can start streaming to your tv right away if you have a computer and an HDMI cable. You can find websites online that let you stream movies and shows. The problem with those websites most times are that they are usually full of ads and sometimes difficult to find a good website to stream from.

Another option is to install Kodi on your computer. There are hundreds of add-ons in which you can watch thousands of movies, shows, tv channels, sports for free. The problem with this option is that it can be complicated for most people to find and install these add-ons.

– Most people have a computer and an HDMI cable.

– Tons of ads
– Difficult to find good websites to stream movies
– Kodi can be difficult to configure

4. Using Android Emulator on Your Computer

Another option is to use android on your computer with BlueStacks. This program emulates the android operating system on you computer. In which you can install apps like Showbox or HD Cinema.

– Using great apps like Showbox or HD Cinema
– Connects using HDMI

– It can be slow

3. Using Your Android Phone

This a great way to stream movies. You can have all the great apps to stream movies on your phone. In order to stream from your phone you must connect it to your TV. To do this you need a special cable and sometimes it can be confusing to find out what cable your phone needs.

– Easy to install the apps you need

– You need an MHL cable
– Controlling your phone once its connected to the TV is not as comfortable.
– If you get calls or messages it is going to stop or interrupt what your watching.
– You need to reach for your phone every time you want to pause or rewind the movie.

2. Using Streaming Devices

There are many different streaming devices: Playstation, XBOX, Roku, Amazon Fire TV (as is), Chromecast. Depending on the box, you have limitations. You can only install or use the programs that they have for the specific box. Also, the content that you can stream is limited and expensive. If you want to stream free movies and shows usually you have to do some work to find out how can you install the apps you want if it’s even possible.

– Boxes are getting better
– Some of them you can modify to install good apps to stream

– Limitations on what you can watch
– It can be really complicated to modify the boxes to install the programs you need.

1. Ultimate Android TV

The Ultimate Android TV comes ready with all the apps (including Kodi with all the add-ons) you need to start streaming all kinds of content for free. Not only can you watch movies and shows, but you can watch PPV events, TV channels including live sports. Because it has the android operating system without any limitation you are free to do whatever you want with the devices. Including access to the Play Store.

– Unlimited free content easy to access without having to spend hours looking for movies or shows.
– Freedom to use the devices as you wish
– It comes with an easy to use remote control with keyboard and touchpad
– No Monthly fees
– One on one customer service to help you when you need it
– Have access to news and updates at all times

– You can spend days without getting out of the house when having so many options to watch.