A Streaming Device Like No Other

We’re introducing a new android streaming device: the OctaStream box.

Finally, the solution you were looking for to get rid of cable once and for all.

We all know cable prices keep going up. With this device, you can save over $1000 a year.

You can get it and never have to pay anything monthly ever.

It comes with over 800 HD channels and movies and tv shows On Demand. You can also watch all your favorite sports and games.

You just need internet and that’s it. Start streaming anything you want.

It comes with a mini wireless keyboard or an AirMouse keyboard remote. You can choose either one.

Try it risk-free with 14 days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Get the OctaStream box here.


  1. Joyce Reply

    Does this box freeze or leg like the buzz box

    • admin Reply

      No, it doesn’t. You can try it for yourself it comes with 14 days money-back guarantee.

  2. Rufus Spikes Reply

    How much

  3. Darryl Jackson Reply

    I have been looking at this Box for a long time. I do have questions I do not like ordering stuff off of Facebook. Can someone please call me my name is Darryl

    • admin Reply

      Thank you we’ll try to call you as soon as possible. But for any other question you can also send us a message here m.me/ultimateandroidtv

    • Stephanie Lucas Reply

      How Much Internet Speed Do I Have To Have In Order To Stream All Of The Channels Provided

      • admin Reply

        We recommend 20mbps or more

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