Are You Tired of Buffering?

Is your internet connection over 20mbps?

If you’re not sure you can test your internet speed here:

How many devices are connected to your network?

The more people using the internet in your home the slower your connection will get.

How far away is your modem or router from your streaming device?

If you’re using wifi, the further away your router is from your streaming device the slower your internet will be.

Are you using wifi or ethernet cable?

Connecting to your router using an ethernet cable will make your connection faster and more stable than using wifi.

What device are you using for streaming?

There are devices that have better internet reception than others. For example, an Amazon Fire Stick has worse internet reception than our streaming boxes that have external wifi antennas and ethernet ports.

What streaming services are you using?

There are streaming services that are not as stable and reliable. Our boxes come with one of the best and more reliable streaming services reducing the amount of buffering.



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