Do you have an Amazon Fire TV? It’s time to upgrade.

These are 7 reasons your Amazon Fire TV is slowing you down, compared to our high-end device. 

 1 – Wifi 

On the left side UATV with an antenna that increases the speed of the Wifi. On the right side AFTV with no antenna.

 The Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t have an external wifi antenna. Reducing reception, decreasing internet speed and streaming speed. The Ultimate Android TV device has an external antenna for faster streaming over wifi. 

2 – Ethernet 

The UATV box offers Ethernet port making your box much faster than just using wifi

Without an Ethernet port, you are missing out on the possibility of having the fastest internet speed possible, a lot faster than wifi. The AFTV does not have an ethernet port, only wifi, this combined with the lack of an antenna makes twice as slow as the UATV. 

3 – Plastic Exterior 

Pictures of different Amazon Fire TV melted for overheating

The small plastic exterior doesn’t help with cooling, making your Amazon Fire TV easy to get hot slowing down your device and streaming quality. The UATV device has a beautiful metallic exterior allowing a better cooling system and never letting your device get overheated. You can enjoy hours of streaming without getting worried about overheating or slowing down. 

4 – Memory, processor and specs

The UATV offers a superior performance than the AFTV

The Amazon fire TV stick has 1gb of memory and 8gb of storage with a quad processor. The Ultimate Android TV has 2gb of ram, 16gb of storage, you can add even more storage space with memory cards or USB devices. It has an octa-core processor which makes the performance of the UATV superior to the AFTV. 

5 – Software 

UATV’s easy to use interface

The operating system on the AFTV is limited. There is a limit on what apps you can install and if you want to add any extra apps it’s extremely complicated to do so. Even if you buy a fully loaded Amazon Fire Stick from some random person in craigslist or eBay. What are you going to do when your apps become outdated and you need to start doing updates? Like new addons, new apps, etc. You would have to pay again to add this updates.

On the other hand, The Ultimate Android TV comes with the UATV installer app. Which allows you to easily keep your box and your apps updated forever. Plus, the UATV has an easy to use interface specially designed for the convenience of our customers. We offer top of the line costumer service in case our costumers ever have any questions on how to use the apps or our box. 

6 – Remote Control 

UATV Remote controller

The Amazon Fire TV comes with a basic remote control. While the UATV comes with a modern keyboard remote with a mousepad. You will be able to take full advantage of the apps and the device with it. 

7 – Price 

The Amazon Fire TV is the cheapest but for a reason. You are not getting the ultimate streaming device, in fact, you are getting one of the lowest performing devices for that price. You will not be enjoying the best streaming experience or the best customer service. It’s like buying a cheap car that is going to break all the time instead of buying a good reliable car that will take you places with no concerns. When it comes to streaming we recommend to buy smart and choose The Ultimate Android TV the best streaming device. 

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