Happy New Year!! Cable subscription going up… again!


“Happy New Year!” time. But isn’t it more like an UNHappy New Year when you see your cable bill raising… again?

Pay-tv biggest companies are already, as usual, increasing their monthly tv fees (like they weren’t expensive enough already). While cord-cutting becomes more frequent and subscribers tend to reduce traditional TV subscriptions, Comcast, Dish and DirectTV announced an increment on their rates, why? because it’s easier to rip off the loyal customers they manage to keep. Are you one of them?

Philip Cuisick, a JPMorgan Chase Analyst doesn’t seem to agree with this strategy, considering it could lead to accelerate video sub declines, in favor of lower-cost online options like Netflix Inc. and slimmer TV options from Hulu and YouTube.

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Technology evolves and consumers are seduced by amazing offers, leading to an increased tendency to ditch expensive pay-tv subscriptions in numbers never seen before. According to MoffettNathanson the TV industry saw numbers of subscribers decreasing by 3.7 percent, but instead of implementing strategies to retain customers, it seems like they gave up and hope their loyal subscribers remain paying higher bills each year.

Monthly fees are increasing from $1.50 to $8 depending on packages and cable providers.

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Consumers are discovering more attractive online options which are leading them to ditch their pay-tv subscriptions in numbers never seen before. Cable companies are demanding more money from channel owners in an attempt to avoid raising the fees while maintaining profits. This has led to the development of more streaming services.

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