How to always be updated with the latest apps

We know sometimes apps get old and need updating. Maybe an app is down or you simply want to know what new apps are out. Have you tried the UATV Installer app?

Our uniquely created app is included in all of the devices. You can download all the newest apps and updates. We are always looking for apps and programs so that your device is always up to date.

To use the app simply look for the app called UATV and open it. There will be an option that says app installer and you’ll see the list of apps along with dates and description of the app. Then simply click on download and it will automatically begin and just install.

The other option in the UATV installer app is Kodi installer. Clicking on Kodi installer will give you a fresh backup of the new apps and updates in Kodi.

If your not certain or need help do not hesitate to email us with your question.