Is Streaming Content Legal?

Is Streaming Content Legal?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Let’s get the facts straight and break it down for a little more understanding.

Where does the content come from?

The content streamed is uploaded by other users on the internet.

They simply upload their files, which then gives hundreds of users access to the files they uploaded.

Some people will download the content and upload the files again making it an everlasting chain.

This is an unstoppable machine.

When you are streaming content you are streaming it through the WORLD WIDE WEB as we call it.

Anyone can access this content by going on their computer or laptop and find these links including cell phones, Android TV, Amazon fire tv basically anything that can access the web.

If this is illegal, then the whole internet should be illegal right?

Many sources that sell these devices should then all be found accountable such as,
Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Microsoft etc. Essentially every device can be turned into a streaming device for this content.

The content itself sometimes isn’t as easy to find and most of the time you will be confronted by many pop-up ads and viruses.

This obviously is not very convenient when you are trying to stream content.

You will most likely struggle to close the pop ups as they will keep coming up or your computer will eventually get a virus.

On the other hand, Android TV devices seem to be able to avoid this.

What 3rd party add-ons have done is find all of these files and put them all in one place for easier access.

Streaming content has never been illegal.

When it comes to downloading content, that’s when it gets illegal.

When you download content you are now getting the content and keeping it.

Some people will download the content and later on delete it or will keep it forever.

We never suggest anyone to do this, which is why we only say to stream content.
When you stream you are only streaming it in the moment and not keeping it whatsoever.

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy about this topic and places like the UK have been banning the sales of fully loaded boxes.

The UK has very strict copyright laws but in no shape or form is this affecting boxes in the USA.

Kodi is currently a hot topic with add-ons being taken down which is why we don’t solely rely on Kodi.

We have many other apps in our UATV app that do the same and are much more reliable than Kodi.

So don’t be alarmed, you will never run out of options to stream content.

If you still question this, there are also ways to stream anonymously by using something called a VPN.

Anyone can download and use a VPN.

To see more information please read our article on VPN and how it works.


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