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octastream by The Ultimate TV

This revolutionary device is literally a Superbox.

The new OctaStream Q1 by The Ultimate TV keeps revolutionizing the way we watch live TV, movies, and shows.

Don’t be fooled we are the only with a device like this and with the best customer support.

Stream over 800 HD channels, movies, tv shows, and any sporting event.

All of this WITHOUT ANY MONTHLY FEES & with 14 days money back guaranteed.

We’re helping hundreds of people save thousands of dollars by cutting cable and canceling monthly subscriptions.

Try it for yourself risk-free with 14 days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

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How Much Do People Pay For Cable?

We did a poll asking people how much do they pay for cable and the results are in.

58% of people said they pay over $100 a month for cable!

According to those numbers, the majority of people pay over $1200 a year for cable.

Even if you pay $50 a month; it amounts to $600 a year.

If you are one of those people, and you’re trying to save some money and cut cable. We have the best option available.

Our new device can stream over 800 HD channels including Spanish channels, also movies and shows and any sports channels. Without any monthly payments! You can save hundreds of dollars and the only thing you need is our device and internet.

Start this year making some great financial decisions by getting our device and saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Imagine getting rid of those high cable bills but still enjoying all the entertainment you love with even more options available.

How is this possible? – With the power of the internet and new streaming technologies! Try it for yourself risk-free with 14 days money back guaranteed and 1-year warranty.

We promise you’ll love it just like all of our other satisfied customers. If you don’t love it for any reason then you can just send it back for a refund.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars and get even more content without any monthly fees!

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A Streaming Device Like No Other

We’re introducing a new android streaming device: the OctaStream box.

Finally, the solution you were looking for to get rid of cable once and for all.

We all know cable prices keep going up. With this device, you can save over $1000 a year.

You can get it and never have to pay anything monthly ever.

It comes with over 800 HD channels and movies and tv shows On Demand. You can also watch all your favorite sports and games.

You just need internet and that’s it. Start streaming anything you want.

It comes with a mini wireless keyboard or an AirMouse keyboard remote. You can choose either one.

Try it risk-free with 14 days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

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Happy New Year!! Cable subscription going up… again!


“Happy New Year!” time. But isn’t it more like an UNHappy New Year when you see your cable bill raising… again?

Pay-tv biggest companies are already, as usual, increasing their monthly tv fees (like they weren’t expensive enough already). While cord-cutting becomes more frequent and subscribers tend to reduce traditional TV subscriptions, Comcast, Dish and DirectTV announced an increment on their rates, why? because it’s easier to rip off the loyal customers they manage to keep. Are you one of them?

Philip Cuisick, a JPMorgan Chase Analyst doesn’t seem to agree with this strategy, considering it could lead to accelerate video sub declines, in favor of lower-cost online options like Netflix Inc. and slimmer TV options from Hulu and YouTube.

Why allow them to continue ripping you off? Aren’t you ready to cut the cord yet?
Cut the cord here

Technology evolves and consumers are seduced by amazing offers, leading to an increased tendency to ditch expensive pay-tv subscriptions in numbers never seen before. According to MoffettNathanson the TV industry saw numbers of subscribers decreasing by 3.7 percent, but instead of implementing strategies to retain customers, it seems like they gave up and hope their loyal subscribers remain paying higher bills each year.

Monthly fees are increasing from $1.50 to $8 depending on packages and cable providers.

We’ll teach you how you can save hundreds of dollars while still enjoying all your favorite tv channels, movies, sports, tv shows and pay-per-view events for $20 monthly.
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Consumers are discovering more attractive online options which are leading them to ditch their pay-tv subscriptions in numbers never seen before. Cable companies are demanding more money from channel owners in an attempt to avoid raising the fees while maintaining profits. This has led to the development of more streaming services.

So, why limit the content you can watch? or why pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy all your favorite channels and content? With The Ultimate Android TV you can get all the content, all the channels, all the events and never get ripped-off again. Get our $20 monthly service now and finally CUT THE CORD!!

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Do you have an Amazon Fire TV? It’s time to upgrade.

These are 7 reasons your Amazon Fire TV is slowing you down, compared to our high-end device. 

 1 – Wifi 

On the left side UATV with an antenna that increases the speed of the Wifi. On the right side AFTV with no antenna.

 The Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t have an external wifi antenna. Reducing reception, decreasing internet speed and streaming speed. The Ultimate Android TV device has an external antenna for faster streaming over wifi. 

2 – Ethernet 

The UATV box offers Ethernet port making your box much faster than just using wifi

Without an Ethernet port, you are missing out on the possibility of having the fastest internet speed possible, a lot faster than wifi. The AFTV does not have an ethernet port, only wifi, this combined with the lack of an antenna makes twice as slow as the UATV. 

3 – Plastic Exterior 

Pictures of different Amazon Fire TV melted for overheating

The small plastic exterior doesn’t help with cooling, making your Amazon Fire TV easy to get hot slowing down your device and streaming quality. The UATV device has a beautiful metallic exterior allowing a better cooling system and never letting your device get overheated. You can enjoy hours of streaming without getting worried about overheating or slowing down. 

4 – Memory, processor and specs

The UATV offers a superior performance than the AFTV

The Amazon fire TV stick has 1gb of memory and 8gb of storage with a quad processor. The Ultimate Android TV has 2gb of ram, 16gb of storage, you can add even more storage space with memory cards or USB devices. It has an octa-core processor which makes the performance of the UATV superior to the AFTV. 

5 – Software 

UATV’s easy to use interface

The operating system on the AFTV is limited. There is a limit on what apps you can install and if you want to add any extra apps it’s extremely complicated to do so. Even if you buy a fully loaded Amazon Fire Stick from some random person in craigslist or eBay. What are you going to do when your apps become outdated and you need to start doing updates? Like new addons, new apps, etc. You would have to pay again to add this updates.

On the other hand, The Ultimate Android TV comes with the UATV installer app. Which allows you to easily keep your box and your apps updated forever. Plus, the UATV has an easy to use interface specially designed for the convenience of our customers. We offer top of the line costumer service in case our costumers ever have any questions on how to use the apps or our box. 

6 – Remote Control 

UATV Remote controller

The Amazon Fire TV comes with a basic remote control. While the UATV comes with a modern keyboard remote with a mousepad. You will be able to take full advantage of the apps and the device with it. 

7 – Price 

The Amazon Fire TV is the cheapest but for a reason. You are not getting the ultimate streaming device, in fact, you are getting one of the lowest performing devices for that price. You will not be enjoying the best streaming experience or the best customer service. It’s like buying a cheap car that is going to break all the time instead of buying a good reliable car that will take you places with no concerns. When it comes to streaming we recommend to buy smart and choose The Ultimate Android TV the best streaming device. 

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Is cable and satellite TV dying? Cord-cutting increases

The amount of people cutting cable keeps increasing.

There is a massive proliferation of content creators, which has been a boom for the industry. The large amount of content being created requires new platforms and services to contribute with the distribution of this new content in a better more modern and cost efficient  way than the old fashioned cable TV.

People talk about the golden age of television. That golden age of television is not about network TV. It’s about services like Netflix, The Ultimate Android TV and other streaming devices… It is not certain what causes this services to end because the success of it so far has been wildly above the threshold that would be necessary to keep people doing it.

On the left side Netflix and on the right side The Ultimate Android TV both increasing as a popular choice instead of cable

You’ve had new entrance like The ultimate android tv coming into that space. It feels like something that’s going to be more or less ubiquitous.

Every household is going to stream. That’s how people will watch TV. It is the future of TV. The way content is being distributed is changing completely. Half of The Ultimate Android TV customers don’t have a cable subscription and those that do, they can get it on their Ultimate Android TV box. You can download an Xfinity app on your IPTV and you don’t have to have a cable box. What this means is that the way television is being distributed is changing from quasi monopolies of cable boxes, from satellite and cable companies, to operating systems like The Ultimate Android TV. That change is happening very quickly.

The cable guys, they are the largest provider of internet access. Their internet business is so much more important than the cable business to them today that at some level, they love what’s going on here because they can actually put Xfinity or their apps onto these platforms.

Consumers are watching more television. They get more choices. They get to watch what they want to watch. They don’t have to watch TV commercials if they don’t want. That’s what we’re seeing.

Free Live Channels VS Our Premium UATV IPTV Channels

There are many apps that offer free channels including Premium channels, but what is the difference between the free channels and the paid Premium subscription?

The biggest difference is the quality of the channels and stability.

The free channel apps have many channels including premium channels but the quality can vary between SD and HD quality.

Having the Premium subscription will give you access to 500 HD channels including all sporting packages such as NFL Red-zone and Pay Per View events in HD.

The Premium channels are also very stable and do not freeze like the free channels can tend to do from time to time.

Our service saves you a lot of money in the long run as the cost is only $20 a month.

To use the service you must have an Android device, we recommend the UATV Box but it can also work on other Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, phones or tablets.

The best part about our service is that there is no contract or extra fees. The service is paid as you go and is simple to activate.

It also includes all the New Movies and Shows in HD.

Watch any live game playing, UFC and Boxing events in HD.

What channels are included in the Premium Service?

How does it work?

When you purchase the service you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your new service.

Once you have the service you can access the menu with all of the channels including a guide.

If you own a UATV Box all you need to do is download the Premium IPTV app from the UATV installer app and sign in with the credentials that were emailed to you.

I do not own a UATV Box?

You can buy one here. But if you have another Android device like a phone, tablet, or Amazon Fire TV you can still use the service and will receive an email with the file and instructions on how to install it on your device.

If you have difficulties installing the service just send us a message here and we will gladly assist you.

If you don’t want to pay anything monthly you can still get The Ultimate TV UATV Box to enjoy free streaming with no monthly payments. But if you want to take your streaming experience to the next level the UATV IPTV Premium Service is for you.

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Is Streaming Content Legal?

Is Streaming Content Legal?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Let’s get the facts straight and break it down for a little more understanding.

Where does the content come from?

The content streamed is uploaded by other users on the internet.

They simply upload their files, which then gives hundreds of users access to the files they uploaded.

Some people will download the content and upload the files again making it an everlasting chain.

This is an unstoppable machine.

When you are streaming content you are streaming it through the WORLD WIDE WEB as we call it.

Anyone can access this content by going on their computer or laptop and find these links including cell phones, Android TV, Amazon fire tv basically anything that can access the web.

If this is illegal, then the whole internet should be illegal right?

Many sources that sell these devices should then all be found accountable such as,
Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Microsoft etc. Essentially every device can be turned into a streaming device for this content.

The content itself sometimes isn’t as easy to find and most of the time you will be confronted by many pop-up ads and viruses.

This obviously is not very convenient when you are trying to stream content.

You will most likely struggle to close the pop ups as they will keep coming up or your computer will eventually get a virus.

On the other hand, Android TV devices seem to be able to avoid this.

What 3rd party add-ons have done is find all of these files and put them all in one place for easier access.

Streaming content has never been illegal.

When it comes to downloading content, that’s when it gets illegal.

When you download content you are now getting the content and keeping it.

Some people will download the content and later on delete it or will keep it forever.

We never suggest anyone to do this, which is why we only say to stream content.
When you stream you are only streaming it in the moment and not keeping it whatsoever.

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy about this topic and places like the UK have been banning the sales of fully loaded boxes.

The UK has very strict copyright laws but in no shape or form is this affecting boxes in the USA.

Kodi is currently a hot topic with add-ons being taken down which is why we don’t solely rely on Kodi.

We have many other apps in our UATV app that do the same and are much more reliable than Kodi.

So don’t be alarmed, you will never run out of options to stream content.

If you still question this, there are also ways to stream anonymously by using something called a VPN.

Anyone can download and use a VPN.

To see more information please read our article on VPN and how it works.


You can buy the UATV Box here

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Please email us if you have any questions and we can assist you.

Be Anonymous Online – What is a VPN?


What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

This allows you to create a secure and anonymous connection on the internet.

It is a good idea to use a VPN when you are connected to Public networks like Coffee Shops, Schools, Work etc.

Being connected to a Public network can create vulnerabilities with your private information.

It can allow someone to access your private files such as pictures, videos, files and most important credit card and financial information.

Everything you’re doing online and search history can be tracked if you are not protected.

That being said now with many laws changing we recommend you use a VPN even in your own home.

Congress passed a law where your ISP(internet provider) can sell your search history without your consent.

ISP providers (Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Century Link etc) are some of many that sell your private information.


When you connect to a VPN you can choose where in the world you want to connect therefore making you anonymous on the web.

You can use VPN on essentially anything like laptops, cell phones, Android devices.

Block unwanted and unprotected connections from your devices

Hide your IP address and protect yourself from data leaks.

It’s very easy to use a VPN on your devices.

There are some free versions of VPN’s but they don’t offer all of the features the good ones do.

The company we use allows you to download the service on all your devices.

Get protected with a small monthly fee!

What is small $3 fee to protect your information right?

I personally use one when I’m connected to any network so all of my information is encrypted and I never have to worry about being hacked or my information being sold to the wrong people.

The paid versions of VPN can be used on multiple devices simultaneously so you don’t have to pay for each one.

You can connect many of your devices with the same account.

Where can you find VPN services?

We recommend a highly trusted company called PrivateInternetAccess.

Access this VPN on with Android APP, Apple, Microsoft, IOS APP and more.

They have monthly, 6 months and even yearly services you can subscribe to.

The one we use is about $3.33 a month when you sign up for a yearly plan.

If you do not want yearly you can simply pay monthly or semi-annually

They also offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

Private Internet Access also has many more articles showing exactly how their VPN services work.

Protect yourself and your information now!

If you would like to sign up for VPN access Click here!