Programs on Android Device

  • KODI (Movies, Shows, On cinema, Live Sports, Live TV, Cartoon HD, PPV Events, UFC)
  • Videos>Video Addons> Click Program and play

Programs in KODI:

  • Navi X (Newest Movies/Shows/On Cinema) Navi X>Navi-Xtreme>Most viewed>Click on folder and choose movie
  • Genesis (New Movies) Click and play
  • iLive (Live sports & tv) New menu> Click and play
  • Cartoon HD (Disney Movies, Kid shows, all other Children Movies)
  • IceFilms/Project Free TV/1Channel (Movies/Shows) Click link> Play
  • Get More Programs :(New programs that you can download) Get more>Click>install
  • Showbox>Click on movie or show and WATCH Now. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • HD Cinema>Top left corner Menu>Choose movie and play
  • Live Media Player>(Live TV channels)
    • Click right top left corner log in and make an account then> top right corner enter channel and hit search while keyboard is on the screen> add channel to favorites> Channels will be on live
  • VideoMixPro> (Movies/Shows) Click>Choose Link> Play
  • Cloud TV> (Live TV) Click and Play
  • TV Portal> (Movies/Shows) Click and Play
  • Pandora (Unlimited skips/no ads)