Is cable and satellite TV dying? Cord-cutting increases

The amount of people cutting cable keeps increasing.

There is a massive proliferation of content creators, which has been a boom for the industry. The large amount of content being created requires new platforms and services to contribute with the distribution of this new content in a better more modern and cost efficient  way than the old fashioned cable TV.

People talk about the golden age of television. That golden age of television is not about network TV. It’s about services like Netflix, The Ultimate Android TV and other streaming devices… It is not certain what causes this services to end because the success of it so far has been wildly above the threshold that would be necessary to keep people doing it.

On the left side Netflix and on the right side The Ultimate Android TV both increasing as a popular choice instead of cable

You’ve had new entrance like The ultimate android tv coming into that space. It feels like something that’s going to be more or less ubiquitous.

Every household is going to stream. That’s how people will watch TV. It is the future of TV. The way content is being distributed is changing completely. Half of The Ultimate Android TV customers don’t have a cable subscription and those that do, they can get it on their Ultimate Android TV box. You can download an Xfinity app on your IPTV and you don’t have to have a cable box. What this means is that the way television is being distributed is changing from quasi monopolies of cable boxes, from satellite and cable companies, to operating systems like The Ultimate Android TV. That change is happening very quickly.

The cable guys, they are the largest provider of internet access. Their internet business is so much more important than the cable business to them today that at some level, they love what’s going on here because they can actually put Xfinity or their apps onto these platforms.

Consumers are watching more television. They get more choices. They get to watch what they want to watch. They don’t have to watch TV commercials if they don’t want. That’s what we’re seeing.