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  1. Humberto Ochoa Reply

    I pressed the wrong button and i lost my home/back/power bar at the bottom of the screeen, how can i get it back, thank you!

    • admin Reply

      When that happens move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and quickly tap twice but the second time move the mouse up at the same time.

  2. Raymundo Gomez Reply

    I would like to buy an ultimate android TV, i was at the swap meet in Tucson but you have already ran out of the box, can you please contact me and see if you have any more. Thank you.

    • admin Reply

      Hi, I would let you know as soon as we get more.

    • admin Reply

      We are now in stock

  3. Joshua Carrasco Reply

    Hi do you guys have all of the sports Regional channels in the country I really looking into of getting​ this awesome streaming device

    • admin Reply

      Yes you can watch all of the sports Regional channels on this device live. You can also watch the replays

  4. rafael Reply

    can i whach channel from doninican rep telemicro

    • admin Reply

      Yes, there are channels from there.

  5. Catalina Lastra Reply

    es gratis de verdad porque pago mucho en todo mis canales de cable

    • admin Reply

      Si no tiene que pagar nada mensual. Solo necesita internet.

  6. PERCY Reply

    I want to get one

  7. Kathleen Reply

    Do you need a box for every TV in house…

    • admin Reply

      It works on one TV at a time.

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