Discover Unlimited Streaming. 

Easy. Smart. Free. With no monthly fees. Take Android TV to the next level. 

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Cut the Cord With The Octastream Media Player

Watch live TV, shows, sports, blockbuster movies, PPV events, and more! The Octastream gives you access to thousands of premium channels. Set up takes minutes, and it easy to use. With the power of Android TV, you can get all your favorite apps for streaming, sharing, and viewing media.                                                   

Cancel your Cable

Get rid of annoying cable. Save on monthly bills and watch live TV for free. Watch all your favorite channels and get unlimited choices for premium on-demand entertainment.

Use Your Favorite Apps

Use all your favorite Android apps like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, HBO, and Disney+. We can also help you install 3rd party apps not available in the Play Store. 

No Monthly Fees

Say goodby to monthly long-term contracts, monthly fees, cancellations, and poor customer service. You don’t have to purchase movies or events separately, everything is included in one package.

Discover Live Sports, News, Events, and PPV

Enjoy access to live sports, news, PPV events, and the latest blockbuster movies. With thousands of channels to choose from, the possibilities are endless. 




Arbie Belcher

A great way of streaming all the channels, shows and movies that are available

Teresa Sedlack

Octastream Q1 – 4k Unlimited Streaming Device – No Monthly Fees


Best box you can get plus if any problems arise they will be there to help resolve them. Very satisfied with purchase.

Salvador Andazola

I really love my Octastream it works great doesn’t buffer like the firestick I certainly recommend this product to everyone

Armand Trommelen

Great Streaming box

Had a box from another company this one beats it by a mile. Told a couple of Friends they also Purchased and are satisfied

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Octastream vs Other Devices

4k/HDR streaming 1000 HD Channels For free No subscription for Live TV Kodi Media Player Voice Command Google Play
Roku 🅧 🅧 🅧
Amazon Fire TV 🅧 🅧 🅧
Apple TV 🅧 🅧 🅧


Welcome to the Next Generation of Entertainment 

Octastream is your all-in-one media player. Watch, share, play, and browse all on your TV. Get the best experience with 4k HD and Dolby Audio sound. Smart features like voice control, Google Assistant, and automatic updates make things easy. Use the Bluetooth TV remote for watching, and more advanced controllers for browsing and gaming. 

Google Play

The Android TV operating system gives you access to millions of apps through the Google Play Store. You can use all the free or premium apps that you love. Plug in a controller and play games on the big screen, browse the internet, or stream media. 

Access Premium Content

Along with cable, you get access to premium channels without the fees. This includes PPV, movies that are still in theatres, and live TV. All it takes is a simple search. We will send you instructions on how to find the content you are looking for after your purchase. 

Stream Music

You can use all your favorite streaming apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Deezer, or YouTube. 

Social Media

Enhance your experience with a larger than life setup for all of your favorite social media apps like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Use Skype or Zoom to video chat with your friends and colleagues. Our mini wireless keyboard makes it easy to connect, share, browse, and create. 


Experience clarity with 4k display resolution.


Feel the quality of 8 channel HD surround sound. 

Access Tons of Content

1000+ HD channels for live TV, movies, and events.

Androids OS

Runs on the flawless Android TV operating system.  

Smart Features

Smart features like Google Assistant and voice search are built-in. 


Cast media from your phone or tablet 

How to Set it Up

It’s easy to set up, plug n play gets you started in seconds. 

  1. Plug the box into your TV
  2. Connect to the internet
  3. Start streaming

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Everything You Love at Your Fingertips!

What can Ultimate Android TV do for you? Well, it lets you watch just about any type of media that exists. The Octastream gives you more power to watch all your favorite videos, audio, and images.  

Watch Live TV

Get free access to thousands of channels for shows, sports, news, movies, and PPV! Watch HBO, Cinemax, Epix, Showtime, BBC, A&E, E!, Fox, NBC and more. The only thing you pay for is the box. Don’t forget that you also get access to all the latest movies!


FAQS Section

Is it legal?

Yes, it is legal, you are protected by fair use law when you use Ultimate Android TV. 

Is it Worth it?

It’s totally worth it. You save thousands on cable bills and movie rental fees. You get unlimited access to premium content for free. There are no hidden fees or subscription fees required. 

Can I use it outside the US?

Yes, it works anywhere in the world. 

Do I have to buy subscriptions?

The Octastream uses free and open-source software. There are no monthly fees. It’s completely free to use and you can add any apps that you want, including 3rd party apps. We can help you find apps that have the content you are looking for. 

What if I’m not computer savvy?

If you can use a phone or tablet, you can use the Octastream. Setup takes minutes, and it updates automatically. It has an intuitive feel like a video game. 

What if something goes wrong?

We are known for our customer service. If there is anything wrong with the box we will help you with troubleshooting, or send a replacement if necessary. 

Does it work on any TV?

Yes. As long as you have an HDMI slot on your TV you are good to go. You will need a separate box for each TV you want to watch on. 

Do I need a VPN?

Nope. But you can use VPN if you prefer. 

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